Spirit Halloween Witch of Stolen Souls 2015

Spirit Halloween Witch is too much scary thought which start to revolve around our mind as we think of this phrase.

What’s the real meaning of spirit Halloween witches ?

Answer is given below………………

Let us now consider these three contextual words individually and give a glance upon their true meanings.

“SPIRIT”:- As this English word  has several meanings but here it’s a “supernatural being” or the STOLEN SOULS. They are sometimes  also pronounced as ghouls, daemons, goblins, kelp’s or vampires. All the negative energies exist in the spirits.

The stolen soul- spirit

“HALLOWEEN“:- What is Halloween or hallow (it means sacred) it’s a yearly festival of darkness, fear, death, destruction and evil popularly known as “All Saints’ day” or “All-Hallows-Even”.

Also “Samhain” (a secret society of priests called druids started it)  it’s the time for holy and spiritual work. It is also marked as beginning of the new year for the Celts. On every 31st October both death and regeneration are honored.The picture totally revolves around to the spooky witches, goblins and ghosts.Halloween witch

The concept of traditional Halloween is completely different from the modern style of celebration of Halloween especially in many parts of United States of America.

Halloween decorations in the Irish folklore and creative ideas such as  – Jack O’ Lanterns, trick -o-treatingpumpkin carvingsscarecrows and apple boobing etc.

“WITCH” :- As you have seen in many witch pictures it’s a bad fairy or superstitious woman having  dirty hearts and carry evil kind of magical powers. These evil powers are used by them to cause harm to the living beings in any manner.Witch on broom

It a certain belief of people that witches travel on the broomsticks. Usually they are seen wearing a cloak and pointed dark colored hat (especially black in color). Some of the spirit Halloween witch accessories associated with witches are witch’s brew, witch elm, witch broomstick, witch hat, witch crystal ball, witch uniform, witch broom & witch cauldron etc.

Note:- Beautiful & Spooky pictures of spirit Halloween witch

Spirit Halloween Witch of Stolen Souls

As the  name describes Spirit Halloween Witch of Stolen Souls” is all about scary spirits of spirit halloween witch carry lamphalloween witches. People have lot of fear from these witches and they think these witches are came at night on their brooms and carry a long hat and these spirit of witches are seemed to be carrying lamps burning brightly in their hands and they eventually escape to frighten the people out there.

Some of the  Spirit Halloween Witch Costumes are as mentioned here:-

Now, what kind of costumes these Halloween witches wear?

There are number of evil witch costumes to be designed for women and girls which will give them a great look of witch. Generally Halloween witch costumes have unique design with hats and brooms. Some of the witch costumes ideas are given below so, that you may able to chose the better one.

Halloween witches costumes

Witch Costume for Women

  • Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Deluxe Child Costume
  • Enchantress Witch Adult Womens Costume
  • Black magic Witch Teen Costume
  • Victorian Witch Adult Womens Costume
  • Sultry Spirit Adult Womens Costume
  • Black Magic Witch Adult Womens Costume
  • Monster Bride Adult Womens Costume
  • Black Hooded Robe Deluxe Womens Costume
  • Candy Corn Witch Costume Spirit Halloween
  • Spiderweb Poncho Adult Womens Costume
  • Incantasia Glamor Witch Child Costume
  • Rockin Teen Witch Costume
  • Purple and Brown Salem Witch Adult Womens Costume


These type of accessories are used with witch costume such as Halloween witch hat, witch gloves, witch stockings, witch broom and witch wigs.


  • Black and Red Curly Devil Wigspirit halloween witch wigs
  • Rapunzel Child Wig
  • Gothic Rag Doll Adult Wig
  • Slacker Wig
  • Red Afro Adult Wig
  • Burgundy Blood Black Witch Adult Wig


  • Spirit Halloween Pirate Hathalloween witchs hat
  • Grunge Witch Hat
  • Adult Green With Hat With Green Feather 
  • Purple and Black Child Witch Hat
  • Witch Wire Hat


  • Devil Adult Fishnet Thigh Highs
  • 80’s Black Leg Warmer
  • Opaque Full Rhinestone Tights
  • Spiderweb Queen Size Thigh HighsHalloween witch gloves
  • Disney Minnie Mouse Black Tights


  • Lady Buccaneer Glovelettes
  • Skeleton Wrist Bone Gloves
  • Black Fishnet Arm Warmers
  • Spellbound Witch Gloves
  • Brown Fur Adult Women Glovelettes

WITCH BROOMhalloween Witch Broom stick

  • Flying Witch Broom
  • Chimney sweep Broom
  • Purple Metallic Witch Broom
  • Witch Broom with colored Bows
  • Black Feather Witch Broom with Velvet Bow

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